Creating new categories / topics from outside of Discourse

(Del Boy Trotter) #1

We are going to be using Discourse as the chatter area of our site (

We would like to be able create new categories from our admin site - as we create new events we would like a category to be added to discourse automatically.

Is this possible? Is there an API we can POST to to add new categories? We have SSO working so we can maybe pass the correct auth.

Any sub-reddit like feature?
(Silver Quettier) #2

I don’t know about categories creation, however your title suggest you also want to do this with topics.
As far as topics are concerned, the easiest is probably to create them by mail.

(Also see the Email-in plugin. I’m not sure if this is in its scope.)

(Michael Downey) #3

If you’re using WordPress to create your events, you could use the wp-discourse plugin to create a new topic for each post/event.

(Del Boy Trotter) #4

Hmmm ok so this is from our music festival website -

Ideally as we import new events we’d like there to be a category created in discourse - so we’d like to be able to call into the discourse API from our API to create the new category. I guess no one is doing this sort of thing so maybe we just need to do it manually…

(Stuart Alexander) #5

Just to confirm, we want to create categories, not topics. The php api implementation suggest this is possible (although doesn’t seem to work).