Creating topic on the fly from a blog post navigate

(Ken Cooper) #1

I’m moving a site to Discourse from an existing loosely coupled blog/discussion system where the (blogger based) blog is static, and has a legacy communication protocol I don’t want to alter. The blog entries do not have comments embedded, but generate links to the discussion site, and show comments counts. The links have metadata about the blog posts in them (title, permalink, author), and when a GET is received by the discussion site, it checks if an associated topic for the permalink exists, and if not, creates one. Then it redirects.

Since I can’t use the embedding functionality of Discourse, I’m hoping to write a simple plugin that replicates this behavior, using the same http entry points. Has anyone written anything similar to this that I might leverage, or have pointers on how to properly create a topic in the process of dealing with a GET?

(Ken Cooper) #2

Created a plugin to do this, see here.