Creator of esoTalk announces Kickstarter for new project

(Tomo Vukasović) #13

I doubt that anyone will catch up with Discourse if they continue the development as they did last several months. The main issue that Discourse lacks is: resource usage, loading speed and translation built into admin control panel. But again if there was same solution in Laravel I would switch…maybe :smile:

(Sam) #14

Well the centralized login servers won’t run themselves :smile:

I’m not sure how you can be a successful open source project when running your code relies on central servers! Doesn’t sound healthy to me.

(Sol) #15

Self hosting is also possible :slight_smile:

(charles) #17

Thanks for the share! Since this new project is successor wonder what will happen with esotalk.


sucks to be esotalk user.

Not sure what’s the point of telling users to continue to support it

Should I still contribute?

Of course! I want people to be able to make the most out of esoTalk in its current state, so I’m working on completing the documentation and constructing a basic ecosystem.

Once Flarum is released, then I will kill esoTalk.

(Sol) #18

I do not know if it is not better to bury something in favour for something else if you can not revive it… I think they should stop development of bbPress 2 and start fresh with 3.x :wink: It is not that mobile friendly and lacks a lot of features that even plugins to not deliver.

(Jeff Atwood) #19

They have a demo!

Smart guys doing great work.

(And overriding the scroll bar with a completely custom implementation is something we really want to get to…)

Ability to change tracking level from topic summary
(Jacob Chapel) #20

They didn’t actually override the scroll bar, but provided a different view/implementation of the progress bar we already have.

I think something like that with it actually overriding the scroll would be very cool. Have it be flipped and fit on the right where the actual scrollbar would be.

The pop-out topic list on the left is interesting if a bit jarring and there are no cues that I know of to let you know it is there which to me is bad UX. With that said, having a quick way to go through topics like that would be great for Discourse.

It is all # based for the URL which is sad. I would hope that they would focus on pushState and have server side fallback for browsers that don’t support it (or just ignore them :stuck_out_tongue:)

I like the idea of having the overloaded created/replied, and I guess I use that logic on my forum in my simplified theme. Not sure if I like having the avatar to the left, though I haven’t tried that on my theme either.

Overall, some interesting ideas, but still very early days. Great to see new forum software coming out.

I still :heartpulse: :discourse: though.

(Jens Maier) #21

Most of all, I’m surprised that they managed to write PHP code that resembles actual program code more closely than it does a preschooler’s first finger colors painting… :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:

(Tomo Vukasović) #22

I did not expect it would be this nice. Good job!

(Anton) #23

That is THE AMOUNT!! How many developers are working on Discourse full time, if that’s not a secret?

I’m eager to read an article of yours in your blog about how you got Discourse so profitable so fast and how much it was about initial investing from your own pocket? It would be a very very interesting reading.

The same in Ukraine. For $50k/mo you would get 8 professional coders (at least in PHP, but experienced ones), a few testers and a few writers. I’d eagerly learn from Jeff about making an open-source project so profitable quickly.

It would be interesting to compar with the amount invested initially in Discourse. Yes, now Discourse spends this amount per month roughly, but was it so in the very beginning?

From my limited knowledge, Australia struggles with startup investments. Some people just relocate to the USA. The startup business is quite slow and not developed here. Just think about this - most of websites that sell SAAS will not even have prices shown! You would call them or write them, then tell them about your business model, then finally get the prices emailed, which are anyway the same for everyone. This is an old-fashioned way of doing business. So I with pleasure will be watching their progress.

I think some people would add much more to the list. Yet, as Jeff says, we’re here for some reason talking about Discourse and asking for more features, so we still want Discourse and not something else. Discourse team is really good at making everyone “want” their software :slight_smile: I don’t know how they do it, but it is amazing.

My personal belief is that with more adopted language, like PHP or JS, Discourse would have spread the world much faster naturally: more contributors, more plugins and themes, more more more from everywhere. Instead, I think it is spreading mostly because of the intelligent marketing and presenting. Once big players are in the “who uses us” list, it is almost non-stoppable. And anyway, Discourse is more like an Apple’s model regarding contributions.

Disclosure: everything above is my humble opinion. Please don’t argue nor start a holivar :thumbsup:

(Sam Saffron) #24

Possibly, but I would not be working on Discourse if it were written in PHP and when we started Node was super rough.

(Anton) #25

Yes, sam, seen your opinion about this in many threads already :wink:

I’m only saying from user adoption prospective. Whenever I sign into WordPress Directory submission queue, it says ~50 plugins are in the queue, 20 of which are new ones. When I submit a (new) plugin, it gets processed in 2 days, this means there are roughly 10 new plugins coming to WordPress a day. Even though it’s a very rough estimation, and there are only ~60k plugins in the directory, we are not counting plugins like WishList Membmer, Visual Composer and other super-popular commercial plugins that you can find in CodeCanyone, but not in WordPress directories. As of today, I think these numbers are unreachable for a Ruby project. But… as Jeff said, that’s your chosen business model and, looking at the numbers mentioned by Jeff, it works very well. It is excellent. I wish I would be able to use a not-so-popular language and still make an open source project so profitable.

(Anton) #26

And it even has chat, which is so longly requested in Discourse!

(Jeff Atwood) #27

It uses an external chat service last time I checked unless they built one in a few weeks.

(Sam Saffron) #28

WordPress PHP is an aberration in all 6 ways it is defined in that link.

WordPress has a very successful plugin ecosystem, despite being PHP, not because it is PHP. Discourse does not have a rich plugin ecosystem cause this has not been top level priority for us yet.

(Anton) #29

This makes a lot of sense and sounds quite promising!

Strongly disagree.

(Jeff Atwood) #30

It might also be because Wordpress is about a decade older than Discourse. This is quite unfair, like pointing to a three year old child and complaining that the thirteen year old child is much more capable.

Discourse 2013 - 2015
WordPress 2003 - 2015

Go back in time to 2005, when WP was the same “age” as Discourse is today, and you tell me what the plugin ecosystem was like in WordPress, in anno domini two thousand and five…

(Here are the release notes for WP 1.5 circa 2005 for you to look at.)

(Anton) #31

All correct - probably we are just too excited and can’t wait Discourse to become as popular and easily/fastly hackable as WordPress.

(Tomo Vukasović) #32

Discourse paradox :smile:

(caue rego) #33

Flarum already got quite big! I’ve just stumbled upon flarum (along with the expected slant, quora, slackshare but no discourse!) while googling for “hipchat gitter slack” (although I don’t even use hipchat) and was a bit surprised it was already being so closely watched by the community here since so long ago! :smiley:

Going even a bit further off topic and praising discourse, to me, discourse should eventually become an RFC to replace emails, irc and whatsapp into one communication tool! Guys talking here about flarum having “an integrated chat” reminded me of this… It shouldn’t be “integrated” - rather, it should be one thing. Can anyone else visualize it? Maybe I should start / find a proper topic. :stuck_out_tongue: