Critical Error (breaks app): has no method 'categoryLink' after 86244e3a4b

(Kris Williams) #1

commit 86244e3a4b, causes a javascript error when viewing a topic.

Note: using Docker deploy/upgrade method.

Blank topic pages after adding / removing plugin on docker install
(Matt Culpepper) #2

Same issue here. All my topics are not loading now.

(He Yiheng) #3

Same issue. Wish to fix ASAP

(Kane York) #4

that commit is all the subcategory changes by @neil

(Matt Culpepper) #5

This is the broken line:

(Matt Culpepper) #6

I’d like to patch this in my install – what do I have to do to refresh changes in my docker image after updating the js? Seems rake assets:precompile isn’t working.

(Sam Saffron) #7

Try latest I committed a fix

(Dave McClure) #8

confirmed this fixes the issue on my end

(Sam Saffron) #9