Critique Our Forum Before Launch Date!

(Fellowship Forums) #1


We are getting close to officially launching our forum, but before we do so we would love to hear your feedback!

This is the first forum that we have ever built and the support from the discourse community has been absolutely phenomenal.

The forum is for students who are studying for high level actuarial exams. Eventually there will be a separate forum for each exam (~20 of them). The first forum is only for the ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Exam.

We have split it up into 4 categories, as follows:

1. Syllabus Material
This category has a specific topic created for each syllabus reading that is tested on the exam. It is a closed category, so students cannot create their own topics. All discussion for a specific reading is intended to take place in the appropriate topic. Thus it will be easy for current and new students to quickly find all past and current discussion for a specific readings.

The first post in each topic is a “wiki post”, so students can edit it as they please. The idea is to have a summary/key points for the reading easily accessible at the beginning of the topic.

2. Past Exams
This category is intended for discussion about specific past exam questions. The category is split by exam sitting (subcategory), and each exam sitting has a topic created for each question. This category is also closed, meaning students cannot create/remove topics. In each topic, the exam question and solution is readily available, as well as a link to the following question in the exam and a timer so students can do the exam in a timed environment.

3. Collab Center
This category is intended for discussion regarding anything and everything that is not related to a specific syllabus reading or past exam question. The focus is on exam tips, study techniques, study material, etc… This category is open so students can create topics as they please.

4. Case Study
This section is intended for discussion on the case study, which is required that students read prior to the exam. The case study is split into various sections, as organized by our sub-categories. This category is also open.

Please let me know what you think! All feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.


(Josh) #2

Hi, I cannot give you a critique on the community aspect, but on the technical side, the big banner image, the one that says “Fellowship Forums ERM” is too large. I’ve compressed it for you.

Now it’s 20 times smaller.