CSS background-image and other style options remove on refresh in admin

(Chris Adams) #1

For the life of me I cannot figure out this issue I am having. While in admin or in a users profile and the browser is refreshed either by F5 or because of a change made, most of the style changes that I made are gone. However, if I go back to the home screen and hard refresh the browser (ctrl+shift+R) the background-image and all the other style changes return to what I edited them to be. I have to do that on the main screen or it will not load the styles. I have done this in both Chrome and Firefox and on multiple accounts. When I check the Developer Tools in the browsers they all have the same information, such as partial body css, it has everything but the background-image. I am currently overriding the CSS in the customize area, but I am also still using a lot of the main styles, so I include standard style sheet. Are there conflicts when doing that?

Running version

Correct Styles http://i1373.photobucket.com/albums/ag399/Uber_Tiny/discourse/ltwdocs_myscreen_zps2171cd8c.png

Incorrect Styles http://i1373.photobucket.com/albums/ag399/Uber_Tiny/discourse/ltwdocs_myscreen2_zpsb50addfb.png

I have tried using html{} option as suggested

Which is the same thing as

The admin section will not load the styles after refresh.

Is there something I am overlooking?

(Sam Saffron) #2

This is by design, admin interface loses all customisations on refresh, we did this as a safeguard so site customisations do not totally lock you off your site.

(Chris Adams) #3

Well that makes sense. However, I would like to edit the admin area. Is there any thought of adding a separate admin css style sheet that is editable in the future?

(Chris Adams) #4

Thank you @sam for the fast feedback on this by the way. I have since redesigned all of my CSS knowing now that there is this separation and my production site looks and runs much more fluid with the smaller amount of changes needed. This is an awesome software platform and you guys are great at responding to peoples questions!