CSS code to hide "topic controls" dropdown in mobile version




Could someone please give me the CSS code to hide below two details from mobile version of the site

Topic controls dropdown
Pinned Globally dropdown and the text near it.

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

Use the CSS below to hide topic controls dropdown

.topic-footer-main-buttons > div.select-box-kit {
	display: none;

Sorry, I am unable to understand. Which one you mentioning?

(Daniela) #3

I think he refers to:

#topic-footer-buttons .pinned-button { display: none; }

(Mark) #4

Is there a way to disable this on the hosted version?

and the “watching”

and the “suggested topics”

and the “want to read more”

minimal, minimal…

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Edit your CSS in Admin, Customize to hide everything on the screen if you so desire!

(Mark) #6

Thanks for the response. When I open edit css I get a blank screen? Candidly I’m not a CSS wiz, and would probably end up breaking something. Does discourse provide for modifying for a fee, or do you have recommended contract discourse experts?


You can override current CSS by putting it in that box that is why it is blank. You can note edit the original.

You can post in the #marketplace with your budget if you wish to get someone to do it for you.

(Mark) #8

so that would make it difficult to know what to override, as I want to delete or disable what is displayed as opposed to adding.

before I post on the marketplace (and thanks for that suggestion), is it possible to disable menu items on the hosted version?

from my earlier post:

Is there a way to disable this (topic controls) on the hosted version?

and the “watching”

and the “suggested topics”

and the “want to read more”

minimal, minimal…


It certainly is - as @Dax above put an example:

If you put the #topic-footer line above into the CSS section you will see that bit disappear.

Easiest way to do it - if using chrome right click on the item and go to inspect it will tell you the CSS classes that each section uses (tip is that most of the div ids have similar names to the sections itself so makes them easy to find).

#topic-footer-buttons .pinned-button
#topic-footer-buttons .topic-notifications-button .btn


(Mark) #10

Thanks for your help, will try your suggestions.