CSS cusomtizations not showing

(Yunus Tierney) #1

I added a simple CSS change via Admin>Customize>CSS/HTML and hit save. It was a simple CSS addition based on wanting to adjust the position of our logo in the header a few pixels. When I look in Chrome Dev tools, I do not see the new style. I even used “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” with Chrome. No go.

Is there some caching with Discourse that I can clear that might be the culprit?


(James North) #2

Is the theme you created ‘enabled’ and is it desktop or mobile? (Separate area for both).

(Yunus Tierney) #3

I did not set the whole site up and am not familiar with where those settings are. So not sure. Can you tell me?

(James North) #4

To the right of the ‘Save’ button when you have the theme loaded, there is a tick box option to enable the theme.

Again - keep in mind that the first panel you see relates to desktop theming only - for mobile theming, go to the mobile icon on the top right of the css area.

(Yunus Tierney) #5

Thanks. I did not see that tick box to “Enable”.