Ctrl-F then down-arrow through matches

(Ben M) #1

I’ve followed the various discussions on the whys and wherefores of taking over the standard browser Ctrl-F behaviour and I think I have a slightly different problem.

It’s not a beef with the Ctrl-F behaviour as such, but rather when Discourse displays its pop-up list of matches I can’t see a way to step through them. Currently I seem to have to click one, committing me and removing the list of matches. I would find it very useful (certainly when Search this topic is checked) to be able to arrow up and down through the matches and have the page scroll underneath the pop-up.

At the moment trying to find the reply that mentions a certain word in a very lengthy topic is painful (unless I’ve missed some other method of doing this).

(cpradio) #2

Tab (just like all other links) :smile:

(Ben M) #3

Er, yeah, but it’s hardly intuitive. Tab and space is all well and good but it’s not a good user experience if this is the only way to preview a match ‘in context’. Some users are very mouse-oriented and there’s no way for them to do this. I myself love the keyboard but it was not obvious to me that tab and space was the answer.

And BTW, I only bothered to post about this because the rest of Discourse can be navigated so intuitively. :slight_smile:

(cpradio) #4

Yep, using Tab… Use j/k to navigate to a post with a link and open the link in the post. Prior to making tab universal in this sense, you couldn’t do it (easily). Tab is by far the most natural keyboard process there is. Every page responds to it. So I’m not sure I agree with your assessment here.

Plus using up/down had major issues, how do you get to the checkbox? The Help link, the Show more? Tab solved all of that.

Though I wouldn’t be against also permitting up/down or j/k to operate on the search so long as Tab continues to also function.