Curious Question: Group Passwords

(Irwin Binamungu) #1

Is it possible to password protect groups such that only those with the password can access that group?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

I don’t think that is possible but, There are group privacy settings so only those who are added by one of the group owners can access.

(Irwin Binamungu) #3

That is even better. Thank you for the input.

(David 'Maisy' M.) #4

You’ll also find that shared-knowledge passwords as a concept are generally insecure. All it takes is for someone to develop a grudge and share it with people that you probably didn’t want knowing the password.

A lot of software that previously supported password-protected entities or channels now rely on a user being explicitly granted access by a priviledged member.

Stick to using invitations to protect your secrets. Passwords are increasing becoming obsolete in today’s world.