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(Jen) #1


Our group sells sponsorships and so I would like to be able to show my custom ads either (a) interspersed between topics, and/or (b) using sidebar. Can you advise how to do this? I am not using an ad network. Thank you!!


Have you tried searching here for advertising?

There are a ton of existing conversations about this:

You can also inject whatever html and JavaScript you want via the admin console.

(Neil Lalonde) #3

One option that is available is to use the offical Ad Plugin and use DFP to deliver your custom ads. DFP allows you to define your own creative and the rules for when to show them (rotation, geographical restrictions, etc.).

But your request for “house ads” has come up before. I’ve taken a first attempt at building house ads support for Car Talk, but that turned out to be very specific to them and not generally useful. For them I built a place in admin to define sets of ads (as raw html) that would rotate evenly in ad slots under the Nth post in topics.

(Stefano Maffulli) #4

Don’t you end up paying for every click on your own ads with this solution?

What you built for cartalk is extremely interesting, I’m trying to build something exactly like that, to cross-promote products and services that are discussed in the forum. @neil would you mind sharing your code?

(Neil Lalonde) #5

You would pay for your own ads…??? I was doing a lot of testing with my own creatives, so I hope a bill isn’t in the mail!

What I built for Car Talk is “good enough” quality, so not worth sharing. It’s the minimum for what they needed.

(Stefano Maffulli) #6

I need a lesson on DFP then :frowning: Now diving into DFP, looks awfully complex. Does anybody have a quick pointer on how to get started? :slight_smile:

(Joshua Kogan) #7

@neil, thank you for being modest, but it would help me greatly if you could/would share that code. any chance you can be persuaded?

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