Custom authentication plugin - sign up flow issue


Hello everyone,

at first: thanks for all the great work on this awesome project! :heart_eyes:

Maybe you can help me with my problem?

  • I have a custom - pretty basic - authentication plugin, that uses a custom omniauth provider.
  • Everything worked fine till I launcher rebuild this morning, now all NEW users get a sign-up form instead of being logged in.
  • Log in works fine for users who are already registered.

So my question is: what do I need to do so new users are logged in immediately instead of being presented the registration form - that btw. is filled correctly with all the infos from my auth provider (email, username, name :slight_smile: ).

Is their any flag I can set that triggers the user creation or something (email_valid is already set to true) … do I have to create the users in after_authenticate … I am out of ideas. Please help :weary:

Greetings from Germany