Custom emoji set(s)


We currently have several emoji sets to choose from and can add custom emoji to those.
I would like to propose either or both:

  1. disable/enable individual emoji from the default sets
  2. ‘empty’ emoji set(s) where the admin adds only custom emoji (or copies them from the existing emoji sets)

On my existing (non-Discourse) forum I have a rather limited set of emoji. I personally feel that having only a few basic emoji to convey basic emotion benefits the discussion.

Custom emoji overrides
(Kane York) #2

Hmm, the addition of a “none” set to choose shouldn’t be too hard.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I don’t agree with a none set; the Unicode standard set of Emoji is an expected feature of any Discourse site that I visit.

It is one thing to decide that all Emjoi are off, another entirely to break every reasonable expectation about what happens when I type an Emoji selector like :dog2:

(cpradio) #4

Well, except the critical difference is, None would permit them to disable the emoji selector but still have custom emoji. I could see cases where that may be useful or desired, as the community may not like any of the default sets. So it gives them a way to create a set they do like.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Cannot agree with that – emoji are about universal all language image conversations.

It would be like “turning off Unicode”. Which is actually a choice, maybe you want ASCII only, but redefining it so :dog: produces cat? That’s not helpful to users.

Users should have a reasonable expectation that standard Unicode emoji are present and working. :+1: