Custom font not working


Hi there,

I’m trying to work a custom font (Museo Sans) into my forum to match my website. I’ve uploaded the webfont files through the site assets topic and added the appropriate CSS to no avail.

The same approach worked spot on with Wordpress so I don’t think it’s a normal coding error. I’ve tried referring to the webfont files on Wordpress instead of those uploaded to Discourse, and also tried using the .woff2 file only as suggested, but still no joy.

Using a Google Font on the other hand works beautifully and doesn’t break the other CSS code - I’ve tried removing the rest of this code in case it was conflicting, this also makes no difference.

Has anyone had a similar experience with this? Help or ideas would be hugely appreciated!

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Please provide the custom CSS you are trying and a link to the forum.


Thank you for your offer - I decided to use Typekit in the end which has
solved the problem.