Custom gif emojis blocked on ublock



I don’t put this topic in bug because it’s not a discourse problem per se. It’s a topic to inform you guys more than a request to fix something.

When we activate ublock (I didn’t try another adblocker) some custom emojis are blocked. On every Discourse forums, here’s an example for meta :


After 10 seconds intense digging, it affects only the .gif emojis… And to be more precise, when I open the requests in ublock, it’s a bit more clear, What seems to ble an issue is the ?= after the gif.

If it helps, it come from the EasyPrivacy filter.


So if any of you has complaints that some emojis seem to be broken, they need to deactive ublock on your forum.

Maybe that’s just an upgrade from ublock that was a bit too strict, maybe it’s not fixable on Discourse part too. But I wanted to inform you of this little issue.