Custom Groups & Title support for Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse


(Azan Abrar) #1

Hey Guys,

I am a rails expert. I am using Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse for integration of my rails app (user-database) with Discourse forum. We are working on a product and using Discourse as our official forum for all the discussion.

So far it has been a great experience and we are liking it very much. Recently I encountered couple of issues or may be limitations in integration.

I am unable to pass Title & Custom Groups from my rails app using SSO. I have looked over all the internet and found that there is no support for these in SSO for now. I looked into the code for discourse and was able to add support for title dynamically but I have a major concern here. Discourse gets updated on daily basis and new versions get released after some time. So will that affect my custom changes? I have not looked much into custom groups since I am not sure if that effort would be worth it.

Are you guys not going to add support for these two? Like Title and Custom Groups. They are important as it would be a tough job to set title or custom groups manually for each user based on their role?

Can you guys help me on this? Or update me if you are planning to add the support since it is very important.

Also if you guys are not planning for it then customizing it at my end would that be a good solution? Will the updates won’t break it?

I shall be looking for the help and support soon!! Looking forward to your positive feedback.

Keep doing the great work!


(Sam Saffron) #2

nahh make a pr against core, happy to add support for title and groups via sso


Agreed. these additional SSO feature would be great to have.

(Azan Abrar) #5

Guys thank your for your replies!!

I am surely looking forward to contribute to it. I am actually busy with other work these days. I am planning to do it soon.

I shall update here as well once I will work on it.