Custom header elements fail to load

Has anyone else experienced the fact that custom elements of their header fail to load?

We have a small navigation bar with our colour scheme and a logo placed in the centre.

It normally loads fine, but has failed to load for me on many occasions, where these elements disappear and we are left with a white bar and the site name only

Even though it has happened regularly, I had been unable to work out the process by which it happened, and because it comes back when you Ctrl-R the page I simply ignored it, but it is annoying.

Today I realised that it happens more regularly and consistently when I:

  • click on admin page
  • scroll part way down the page so the menu bar is minimised and additional elements are hidden
  • reload the page

I am sure this is more consistently broken than it was before, but the effect is the same. When the page reloads the logo and colour bar no longer appear, even when I click on the site name to return to the main page. The only way to show them again is to reload the page.

Is this something that can be fixed? I think it only happens when visiting the admin page, so only should affect Staff Users, but there might be other ways this can occur

I cannot test it on another site as I would need admin access

This post might be useful to you:


Hmm, interesting. In fact it stays loaded when you first visit the admin page from the main page, but only disappears when you reload. Then it stays missing when you go back to the main site

I sort of understand why it might be ‘blocked’ on the admin page, but you’d think it would apply as soon as you visit then?

Since Discourse is a SPA we don’t fully reload the page when you visit /admin so stuff you had previously stays.