Custom html on home page

(Martis Genus) #1

Hey guys,
Thanks for creating such a great product. I really love discourse!
What I’m currently missing is an easy way to add custom HTML to the home page without writing a plugin. It would be great to have something like you did with “Content -> Top of the pages” and “Content -> Bottom of the pages” but for the home page (“Content -> Bottom of the home page”).
I kind of see the problem of adding too many sections, but on the other site it’s kind of important to be able to customize home. What do you think?

I want to insert HTML in the home page
(James Milligan) #2

With a busy forum, content placed there is unlikely to be seen unless it’s fixed above the content, at which point you risk hiding UI elements like the composer.

(Michael Downey) #3

What do you define as the “home page”? The page someone sees when they sign in can be different depending on how long someone has been signed up. (e.g. /latest vs. /top)

Also, in case it helps, see the dismissable banner topic you can add for new users: