Custom Landing/Home Page

(Martis Genus) #1

So I’m still stuck to achieve the following, maybe someone can point me into the right direction.
I need a custom landing page. Currently it’s only possible to choose between Latest, Categories, New, Top, etc. to make it the home page. I’d really like to have a way to create a customized page and be able to make it the landing page.
So as it isn’t possible right now I have to do it by plugin. But I’m kind of lost to define a static route and make it the new “/”-path. Maybe someone has done something like that or can point me to existing plugins that use similar functions. Thanks!

Custom Intro page for discourse
(Salman, Freelance Developer) #2

There is another thread which is related: Redirecting to a new page when visiting the root discourse page

(Martis Genus) #3

Yeah, there are a couple of topics about customized home. None of them are really helpful. But I guess I’m not the only one who would need a way to customize the landing page.
I ran into a weird bug (or maybe this function is just not intended the way I used it):
Whenever I add a sub-category view like “category/mycategory” to the top navigation via admin>settings>basic>top menu the new item is shown correctly in the menu. But if I move it to the first position of the menu (= make it the home page) I get an error whenever I view my forums landing page saying it might be private although it’s public.
So what I am dreaming of is that you create a new static page (like tos or faq) under content and make it the landing page. I would manage to do it by editing the core files, but I fail to create an plugin for that.