Custom Layouts Plugin

(Tobias) #187

Sure. Sorry - I thought that the screenshot was fine.

It’s in the overview, on mobile-layout. (Frontpage). We’ve selected more options (New, Top, Unread ect…), than there can be fitted in the width - but instead of aligning them in a second line below for first, all items is listed on the same line, caused by ‘display:flex’ on ‘.layouts-nav-button’, from ‘layouts.scss’.

(Angus McLeod) #188

That class isn’t actually being used by the plugin. The css in your screenshot is from Discourse itself (you can see the class there, but it’s not active).

The issue you’re seeing is actually caused by a mobile template override of the navigation-bar component which I should have fixed a while ago; sorry about that :frowning:

You should see the normal Discourse mobile nav in mobile view now.

(Hakan) #189

Can we allow the modeling of the html widget to be edited? For microblog, each category is modeler and widget must be arranged in modelers. Is this possible ?

(Hakan) #191

thanks you problem solved

(Angus McLeod) #192

I’ve fixed the style of embedded posts for topics with sidebars. Thanks for reporting that.

(Craig Davison) #193

layouts-profile is currently broken on latest Discourse for me. When a guest user clicks the ‘login’ button it does not show the modal.