Custom login page?

(Nathan Smith) #1

I’m creating a private Discourse site and would like to modify the layout of login page. Is it possible for me to edit the html/css of just that one page?


An example of what you want, url or screenshot

(Nathan Smith) #3

This is the default login page that Discourse provides. I’d like to change the layout (remove the header, make the login/signup buttons more prominent, etc.). Is there a way for me to do that?

(mountain) #4

Err, wait. Is your Discourse instance set private?

(Nathan Smith) #5

Yeah, I’d just like to use it to chat with some friends. Is that a problem?

(mountain) #6

Not a problem, but it changes what exactly you’re trying to customize. :smile:

I don’t know this answer, but I too would like to know.

EDIT, and now I know, from doing a quick forum search. :wink:

This thread should help with any other questions you may have.

(Nathan Smith) #7

That only customizes the message on the page. I’d like to customize the entire layout of the page. Is that possible?

(mountain) #8

I personally do not have a direct answer for you. But when the time comes that I too will want to customize the ui of the login wall I will probably ‘view source’ and check to see what classes are on that page. I think at the moment there’s no classes to hook into via CSS to style it. I think this might have to work with a plugin if there’s something to hook into there at a deeper level.


Im also looking for ways to customize the home page when discourse is set to private.

Because now it’s to boring, and I need the ability to add a full width image and such.

(Panteen Pro-V) #10

true, UX wise, it’d be better to display USERNAME and PASSWORD fields + LOGIN button there. No need to display Header Bar section (Logo, SEARCH ICON, HAMBURGER ICON which is technically still popup the LOGIN modal anyway).

(Mei) #11

For anyone still looking for a solution to this, I just figured out how to do this on this thread.