Custom main page

Can I make a custom front page for my discourse with the following?:

  1. Introduction heading and some test
  2. search bar
  3. A few two section divs with html code
  4. categories section (grid)
  5. few more two section divs

i’ve been looking for help but the links seem to not work

Thanks in advance

All of this is achievable by theme components.
Find relevant theme components in #theme-component #theme

If you want someone to configure it for you and have a reasonable budget, I’ll be happy to take this. Please make a post in #marketplace for that.

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could you elaborate a little more? I’ve been stuck with this for a while now. I don’t actually have the money otherwise I would pay for it

Discourse has a variety of official and third party theme components that you can use to achieve desired features.
e.g. This theme component gives you the ability to add search bar: