Custom message in flag report

(gauthier) #1


When user report message with custom reason, where can I find the text which was entered?


edit 10/10: moved to #bug, see here

Bug in TL0 message flagging
(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Click the title of the topic to navigate there?

(gauthier) #3

And then?

On the topic, i have this

I still don’t have the sentence which was entered by the user. :confused:


(Jeff Atwood) #4

The text entered is in the PM topic created by the flag.

(gauthier) #5

Which PM? Between Who and who?
I’ve never received any PM after flagging a topic, neither in inbox, nor in sent :confounded:

(cpradio) #6

Moderators get it. It ends up in a Moderators inbox (which you can access, if you have moderator rights, on your Messages page)

(Da Beast 45) #7

Try clicking on the place it saids you notified moderators. It should take you the message.

(gauthier) #8

Do you talk about this?

I have nothing inside except some backup problems

Thanks, and sorry for the long time to answer…

Unfortunatly, not…
It’s not a link.

(cpradio) #9

No, that is the Administrator one, I’m 90% certain it is only in the Moderators inbox. Make sure your user also has Is Moderator enabled via the Admin > Users page (if you want to see it – I think)

(gauthier) #10


I have moderator role enabled, and i’m in the group moderator.

But I don’t see the moderator inbox, and none of the moderators either.

I’m sorry, but its really unclear for me.

(Da Beast 45) #11

It should be in your messages inbox.

(gauthier) #12

It should, but it’s not.

(Mittineague) #13

If it isn’t in the Inbox, maybe another member Archived it?

(cpradio) #14

Or maybe even deleted it (I think that is also possible)


When a user flags a post for a custom reason, staff users will see the reason entered by the flagger directly on admin/flags below the flagged post without having to navigate to the PM created by the flag.

@gauthier is not seeing the custom reason as per his screenshot.


If a staff user deletes the PM created by the flag, I’m 90% certain the custom reason will not show up. Look in your staff logs or in the flagger’s deleted posts page.

(gauthier) #16

Ok, I’ve found the solution, but it’s very strange…
Maybe this topic should be moved to #bug ?

Let me explain

My forum AND my account is French.
When both are set to french, and i flag a topic, i’ve the case n°1 like below. No custom flag visible anywhere. No PM, no in flag page.
When I set Forum default language to english, and i keep my account to french, i had case n°2.
No custom message, but only the title of the topic and a button 'Visit the topic’
When forum and account are set to english then a topic is flagged, i had the case 3. Everything works perfectly. :confounded:

It’s strange no?
Am i Crazy?
Somebody can reproduce?

In the screen, ‘Test signalement 1’ and ‘Test signalement 2’ are missing, but ‘Test signalement 3’ is ok.

Since that, I have the Moderator Inbox. Moderators too.
Like you see in my previous message (here) I had only admin before.

(gauthier) #17

Nobody can reproduce?

(Da Beast 45) #18

I think the staff can.