Custom navbar not adjusting automatically after update

(Kushal) #1

I have an educational website (cseprep) using discourse forum. One instance is hosted with discoursehosting (one on the right), which is not on the latest version. I installed the latest version on digitalocean droplet (the on on the left) to try out new plugins, scrollbar,etc

As you can see, when i copied the same code under customisation, to the the latest discourse, the custom navbar in the header is no longer adjusting automatically for smaller screen size. The same happens when viewing the site through mobile and the same happened when i uploaded the backup to the latest version.

Is this a bug or do i need to add some more lines of code? how do i avoid it going behind the default navbar?

(Kushal) #2

i forgot to mention, the exact copy paste of code from the the old forum to the new one was showing the custom header behind the discourse nav bar. I had to add an extra line

padding: 0px 10px 70px 10px;

to this code

     background: #242D36;
    border-bottom: 5px solid #F45145;

to make it shift up.

It would be helpful if someone can explain the reason for change in behaviour of the same code in the latest version, so that i can find a solution.

(Mittineague) #3

I don’t know how old your “old” is.

But the top was changed to VDOM (Virtual DOM) in April

(Kushal) #4

ok, looks like a cool update :slight_smile: . I think i should post this question there.

Is there a way to modify its position through the admin>customize ? any pointers on what should i look into ?

(Mittineague) #5

I’m afraid I’m not the best to ask about that.

I know for mobile you need to click the mobile icon in Admin -> Customize.

Other than that a lot of my attempts have resulted in my breaking the site and needing to go into the console to SET the affected site_customizations fields to empty strings to get rid of the Bad Gateway error.

Acceptable perhaps for a test site, not so much on a live site.

(Kushal) #6

well i most certainly dont want that !! I wish the community will throw some more light on this :slight_smile: Thnx for the vdom info.