Custom Redis/PostgreSQL in Docker Installation

(danzy) #1

Hi guys,

I followed the default installation (with docker) on AWS and was wondering if it’s possible to use a separate PostgreSQL DB (using AWS RDS) and a separate Redis cluster (using AWS Elasticache).

I took a quick look through the documentation as well as the .yml files available and there doesn’t seem to be anything.

Am I better off using the old-school ubuntu installation (which looks like it has support for custom PostgreSQL/Redis servers).


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Look at the multiple container install as documented here, under the advanced install option.

(danzy) #3

I’m terribly sorry; but I don’t follow.

If I want to host the DB (or Redis) off site (and not in another container), is it possible? That Multiple Container Install post seems to cover if I wanted to host postgres in another container, but if I’m using RDS (which essentially gives me a connection string/username/password), I’m not sure how I can plug that in.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We only support installs that use Docker containers. The simple, basic install is everything in a single container, but you can indeed have (n) different containers for each component of Discourse. This is covered in the advanced install doc I linked to.

That is also how our configuration you are using right now works.

(danzy) #5

I managed to get it working by using the ‘web-only.yml’ file inside the samples folder (cp samples/web-only.yml containers/app.yml).

Thanks for your help (+ speedy responses) though; I greatly appreciate it :smile:

(Irshad) #6

@danzy : Could you please tell me how did you manage this ? Is it with putting the connection string here in web-only.yml ?