Custom text doesn't work properly

(Oceanforest) #1

Notice the difference between the two images above, focus on js.badge.title field, when I set locale to EN, customizing text works fine(image down), but after I changed locale to zh_CN(image up), text customization is broken!

Badge tile here is in Chinese and should display it’s Chinese name instead of word “Badges”

I also have customized this text in the backend

The same issue with “Tags”, “Keyboard Shortcuts”, please help me , thx!

(Robin Ward) #2

Customizations are saved in the locale you made them in. Is it possible you entered the translation in english and then are viewing the site in zh_CN? If you enter the customization while in zh_CN it should work.

(Oceanforest) #3

I did enter them in zh_CN,but it’s not working, see the snapshot, meanwhile I have cleared browser cache many many times, so it’s not cache issue.

(Oceanforest) #4

I have debugged under dev env, the result like this:

existing_translations evals to nil

but in the client config file, badges.title does exist in client.zh_CN.yml: