Custom topic feed list

(bunjee) #1

Greetings discoursers,

Congratulations for the recent 1.1 release.

I’m trying to create a small topic feed list. It’s supposed to display a few filtered topics.

To get started, I took a look at basic-topic-list.js.es6.

Here is my js.handlebars:

<div class="w-feed-list">
{{#each topic in topics}}
    <a href="{{unbound topic.lastUnreadUrl}}">{{{unbound topic.fancy_title}}}</a>

I’m not sure how to implement this on the controller.js side:

import DiscourseController from 'discourse/controllers/controller';

export default DiscourseController.extend(
    topics: // Retrieving a filtered topic list here

Anyone could give me a hand on how to do it ?

Thanks and Happy hacking :heart:.

(bunjee) #2

For the records, this is how I do it:

I create an ember component item-feed.js.es6 with the following:

export default Ember.Component.extend(
    href: "latest",

    init: function()

        var self = this;

            self.set("topics", result.topics);

Afterward you create a handlebars template or populate render in item-feed.js.es6.

If you go for the render route just call self.rerender() after self.set("topics", result.topics).


(Pad Pors) #3

where is the render route? may someone help me understand this guide?