Custom User Fields in Profile

(SirWill) #1


I created a custom user field edited in my profile but I can’t see it in my profile.
Is there any setting to make it public or?

(Sam Saffron) #2

@eviltrout do we have any plans to allow for a “public” check box for custom fields. and also for a “not required in registration”

That way I could have a public field called “System Spec” which describes the specs of my computer in a support forum and so on.

(SirWill) #3

That would be great, as this is my plan.


Yes very good idea. Also please allow us to arrange it :smile:

(Robin Ward) #5

We plan on getting there. For the first version out the door we really needed the ability to capture required fields.

A reasonable next step would be to allow non-required fields and to publicly show them, and of course re-order them :smile:

User fields - where are they?
(Bart) #6

I’m very interested in this. As we have integrated Discourse into an existing website with community profiles, it would also be great if I could use one of these fields as a link back to the other profile somehow.

(Stefan) #7

Sorry if it’s something obvious that I’m missing, but I can’t find the custom field ID (to use with Discourse API). Where should I look for those?

(Stefan) #8

Ok, to answer my own question, it seems that for API you just need to use the numerical ID of the field when you make the request.

(Simon Legrand) #9

Hi! Sorry I’m late to the party. But is this available yet? I can’t seem to find it in the admin UI.

EDIT: My apologies I realised that I already knew that JUST after posting. I confused it with another topic.

(Michael Downey) #10

Yes. Enter the name of the custom field in the public user custom fields site setting then it will appear on the public user profile page.

(Chris Anderson) #11

Are different profile field types on the roadmap (other than text field), like dropdowns and multi-select checkboxes? Our use case is as follows:

Our members are data analysts at schools, and it would be helpful to have a profile field for “Data Source Systems” where they can check off all of the systems they use - that way, if my school uses PowerSchool, for example, I can easily find other community members who use PowerSchool and connect with them.


(Robin Ward) #12

You’re the second person to ask for dropdowns in user fields this week, actually :slight_smile:

We’re quite busy but I plan on bringing it up on our call next week and maybe we can schedule the feature.

(Chris Anderson) #13

Awesome, and thanks for the quick response - really looking forward to getting our Discourse community up and running!

(Tom Wrench) #15

This would be fantastic for my community as well! Hopefully it’s not too much work to implement this feature.

(Calvin Hendryx-Parker) #16

We are interested in this as well. I’m new to Discourse, but is this something that can be done via a plugin until it is incorporated into the core?