Custom user login SSO? OAuth?


We’d like to use Discourse as forum for our game.
The thing I’m having trouble with is the authentication for custom login.
I’ve seen some stuff about oauth and SSO and I did some research to understand the basic concepts of this.
But I don’t quite understand how to make this work with Discourse.

So we already have existing users/accounts in a database with unique id’s (no verified emails and usernames can change).
Users can create an account and login in our game.
The user credentials are sent to our golang server which handles the authentication.
For sessions users have an auth token in the database and we store this auth token as a cookie in the browser since it’s a web game (WebGL).

It’d be ideal if users can login to the forum without having to enter their credentials again.
But since we’re using a custom session system i assume that this isn’t gonna be possible?

Either way, I’d like to know what steps I must take and what I have to make to let our custom users log in to Discourse forums.
I’m not asking for exact details I just need some guidance in the right direction since I’m new to all this stuff like oauth, SSO, Rubby etc.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

My primary suggestion is to read the #howto topic on our official SSO very closely.