Customize font-family in the email 'container' html and make invite emails customizable

(Pad Pors) #1

Continuing the discussion from If I want to change font in the emails, is it related to discourse or the mail service? and can I customize the email container html too?

based on my experience shared here:

  1. I could change the font of digest emails, but I couldn’t do the same for the notification emails.

  2. even though the font of the digest has been changed in the preview digest tab in admin panel, when a digest email has been send to an email, the font wasn’t changed.

  3. none of the invitation emails, i.e. invite to the topic + invite to the forum mail templates, follow the same rule as other notification or digest emails.

an image just to give an insight of how it’d look like if the font of an email changes to a proper font:

p.s.: the topic is a duplicate, but since it wasn’t proposed as a feature, I reproduced it. I hope it’s a correct way I should do in meta.