Customize Privs?

How can I customize privs for certain users, groups, or trust levels? It seems pretty hardcoded, unless I’m looking at the wrong spots.

For example, I’d like a to give a particular user/group the ability to lock/unlock posts without granting full moderation, following the standard security rule of “give people only the mod feats they need” for the given situation ~

Trust levels are pretty much set as is without being able to define to detail per group/category etc.

You would need to change the users trust level to what you want them to be able to do but then they would pick up the other permissions to - TL3/4 for example being the most trusted and able to have the most permissions.

Read here for more detail and the privs they get


The trust level permissions are intentionally not more granular than they are.

The closest that might work is to grant TL4 to the more trusted members and use the CSS not psuedo-class to display: none on actions you don’t want them to perform. Not fool-proof, but if you trust them enough it could work for you.

For example, if you don’t want them to pin a topic

body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-private_message) .topic-admin-pin  {
    display: none;