Customize URL for every topic on forum

I faced the problem with URL customization. I am working with SEO , and now i have to change URL for every topic on my discourse forum. For example:
how i can remove /t/ or/c/ from URL ?
Or replace «/» in my URL with «#»

What ways exist to work with building of URL on discourse ?

Every topic is The slug is ignored when a topic URL is resolved and is generated from the topic title.

There is pretty much no way to remove /t/ and/or /c/ from title and category urls.


So, if i understood you right, I will not have problems with Google bots if URL contains /t/ e.t ?

A better question might be why you think they have the potential to cause problems?


Just trying to deal with SEO recommendations. I am not good in SEO area, so it’s hard now to recognize what is more important for appearing in google search , when work with discourse. It would be great if you can give some advises for optimizing discourse forum for google. If it necessary, i can create new topic.

I agree than an SEO #howto would be a good idea.

Mostly, you don’t need to do anything other than generate good content with decent titles. Your time would probably be better spent working to get good content generated rather than fussing over SEO voodoo.