Customize - User fields - is there a limit?

(Lars) #1

I just added three custom fields - I was about to add another, and it seems there is a limit of three fields? Is that true? If so, why the limit?


I’ve noticed that as well and couldn’t find any information about this.
It may have to do with the space available on the user card.

(Robin Ward) #3

There is currently a limit of 3 user fields. I believe we limited it for space reasons on the sign up dialog.

There is no technical reason why we couldn’t increase it, but it might have usability issues on your forum. (People don’t like too many fields to fill out, might cause scrolling, etc)

Maximum number of Custom User Fields?
(Tobias Eigen) #4

I’d vote for increasing it/making it unlimited, but to limit how many can be used at signup. Even 3 makes the presentation not work well on signup, but I can see use cases for allowing more to be filled in later via the user preferences, and definitely see benefits in being able to populate fields via SSO for various purposes.

(Christopher McEwan) #5

I would also find additional user fields helpful. For my use case there would be a few alternatives which could be helpful:

  • 2 or 3 additional fields at sign on
  • 2 or 3 more fields which could presented to the user once they are an established community member (i.e. tell us more about yourself); this would avoid the long sign on problem
  • 20+ additional fields which would allow the user to develop a much fuller profile, either at or separate to sign on. THis could approach a LinkedIn style profile, in which case the ability to import (with user permission) data from LinkedIn would be helpful.

In each of these cases, there would be separate choice as to whether all of the data is available via the user profile card or only to admins. My preference would be the former but if this brough technical challenges or was not otherwise supported, additional data fields for admin allowing better understanding of community members would still be helpful.

(Christopher McEwan) #6

A pleasant little surprise discovered today! More user fields!! :smile:

v1.3.0.beta9 +207

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Yes I believe @eviltrout increased the limit. I would avoid asking all those at signup, though…