Customizing banner in Discourse


Hello all,
I have really been struggling with finding a solution here using the built in banners. I would like to know if this is even possible with the banners or if I should add my own custom banner.

I am trying to add a carousel style of divs into the banner.

Things I have tried:
  1. Trying to add divs to topic (banner topic). This doesn’t work at all, though I doubted it would I figured worth a shot.
  2. Using JQuery, I have tried to detect when the page is loaded and then append the custom divs and carousels to the banner-content item. This had marginal success but was null of all styling and solely showed what looked like a UL.
  3. Using images but I still couldn’t make it scroll.

Has anyone done something like this before? Is it even possible, once again just using a banner topic, I like the easy dismiss. Should I just write my own item and append it before the controls?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Sam Nazarko) #2

Sounds similar to this:

With OSMC, we used to have a JS hack to add a div, with a background and overlay some text. Ember got rid of extending views it seems, and this became more tricky.

I’ve been following the Discourse tutorials for plugin dev and have settings at least being saved. I’m having issues with presentation though.

Hopefully we’ll have it worked out soon. I’ll publish the full plugin source when I do.