Customizing Interface

(Ziyan Junaideen) #1

Hello there. I am new to Discourse and I have been interested in implementing kind of a study group using it. But from specification I am needing to do some customization. I see many posts talk about customization through the Admin interface but I would need some thing more.

The changes I would like to implement would include

  1. Adding a select list for categories & custom html w.r.t. categories
  2. Adding custom fields for user profiles (like department)
  3. Some CSS styling

From what I understand we can do 2 and 3 from the admin side. But I am not very comfortable with the updates sticking in a DB. I like them to be on a solid file.


  1. How would we update views / html (I am interested in adding some thing like a dropdown list for categories)
  2. Is there some thing like Deface for view overrides?
  3. If we customize the repo, what would we need to do to update the docker repo as we are interested in using docker for deploy.

Thank in advance.