Customizing my custom menu

I setup the following menu on my site:

Everything works perfectly. Except the fact that it shows up when users are on the login popup modal and when they are replying to, or posting a topic. This menu blocks the “reply” and “post” buttons

Is there anyway I can hide it when certain things are opened (like the reply & post window, login modal, etc…)?

How did you build it? I don’t recognise it as a theme component.

Custom code I found here on the forum. I can’t find the topic again. But if you want I can post the code

It would be easiest if you could find it and link to it here. Can you search for the code across Meta?

Good idea, I found it Custom menu on mobile

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The z-index value for the menu is set to 5000 which puts it on top of everything else. Change that to 10 or just add this to override it:

#mobile-menu {
    z-index: 10;

And this:

Will change to this:


Now there is a new problem

This is how the menu looked like before (when it was open). As you can see there is an option to close it “X”

Now it looks like this. The option to close it seems to be hidden behind the menu.

How can I fix that ?

Never mind I just fixed it by adding

z-index: 10000;

Under #mobile-menu.visible