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(Sahul Hameed) #1

Hi All,

I went through many threads asking for plugins and creating points system and reward system instead of badges.

[PAID] - Points & Awards Plugin this thread helped me understand that I can change the text (Badge to point) and grant badge multiple times to make it look like actually awarding points.

when i tried to change the badge text to points, I searched and found too many badge names.

Kindly help me what all the badge names i should change? Any help would be appreciated. Also let me know if there is actually any plugin for points system


Points system in discourse
(Mittineague) #2

Hi shalz welcome to the forum

I’m afraid you will need to deal with the “too many”. Tedious, yes, but the word “badge” is used in many places and in several contexts.

What may help, is to filter on “long_description

Other than that the only other suggestion I can offer is to look at the config/locale yml files for where “badge” is used in text to help you identify text strings you want to change.

Note - you should not do a blind replace because it will most likely cause major breakage.

(Sahul Hameed) #3

Thanks @Mittineague well I figured it after posting this. I also tried changing badges to points and understood how it works. But even if i grant badges multiple times it is going to be the user has earned 10 points badge twice or thrice. It wont be 20 points or 30 points. So this method Isn’t going to work for me.

Kindly someone help me if there is any plugin available, or
Has someone built their own plugin? does it work fine?
Can anyone build a plugin for me?

I am also open to purchase the plugin if anyone has built on own.


(Mittineague) #4

If I’m understanding what you’re after, I’m not sure it would need to be done by a plugin.
If you are good at putting together database queries you might be able to create Badges that are granted based on how many times another Badge has been granted.

(Joe Buhlig) #5

Or if you feel strongly about your need for this, put a bounty on it and spell out a specification in #marketplace. :wink:

(Sahul Hameed) #6

Yes @joebuhlig Thanks! If I need point system strongly then I would sure list it in marketplace with the specifications:slight_smile: