Customizing the private login page

Hi expert of this community, I would like to get a better custom logging page.
I set up a private community, and may be this is a common questions, so I made a search and I found different topic but without a good path to follow to achieve this.

Search for login_required.welcome_message under admin/customize/site_texts and edit the default text. I think you can even use html code.


you said this option.

What Im looking is to add an image. is it possible?

Add html to include the image and let us know.

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Adding to that: you upload your image to the topic “assets for the site design”. You can then use its url in the html code. (Of course, it’s also possible to upload the image to any other location on the internet, but it makes sense to keep it in in your discourse instance.)


thank you! by now it looks better.