Cuttliefish/other services in place on Mandrill: pros, cons, etc

(colin avolve) #1

In lieu of Mandrill’s recent announcement — as discussed in this thread — I m looking at alternatives for a couple sites under development.

Has anyone used self-hosted Cuttlefish and can share their experiences, including details about how they set it up? Could this be set-up on shared hosting seperate to a DO droplet (given the low overhead)? Or is it not worth the potential pain and time costs?

What about other (thrid party hosted) alternatives like Mailgun, Sparkpost, Sendgrid, etc.

Perhaps I can edit this post with a pro/con of each, an overview of set-up when such info is shared…

One click install on DO?
(moshe) #2

Personally I already moved to mailgun, took about 5 minutes to setup.
from past experience Sendgrid is also excellent.

Haven’t gotten a chance yet to check the tracking features of mailgun, but the interface is extremely friendly and it just works.

With my past (bad) experience of hosting mail services myself, I would never recommend it to anyone, email must be the original reason to move to managed services :grimacing: