"Daily Updates" Mailing List Mode occasionally not sending

(Happy Lee) #1

Occasionally, the “Daily Updates” Mailing List is not sent out. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Details below:

My version is up to date.

On this account (Student_Community), I have Mailing List Mode enabled, and the “Send Daily Updates” setting configured.

I do not think delivery has to do with any other parts of our mail system, as the Forum’s mail log says the mail was not sent out (in this example, you see there is no send entry two days ago from the Student_Community account). We see it sent out approximately 92% of the time. The Forum is quite active, so we don’t think it is because of a shortage of news.

(Sam Saffron) #2

“daily updates” mailing list mode was recently removed, so this is kind of a question that can not really be answered.

(Happy Lee) #3

Hi Sam - Two questions:

  1. Are you saying the “daily updates” mailing list mode option will be removed in future upgrades of 1.8 - or will be removed in version 1.9?

  2. Is there any replacement for this feature? To bring the daily update to our community of over 2000 users, we have configured one account with an email distribution group address. Discourse is heavily used here, and it is crucial to all types of communication on campus.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Yes, it is removed from all current builds and soon will be in a beta. So yeah, 1.8 beta will not have it. 1.9 stable will not have it.

Absolutely, use daily digests not mailing list mode:

(Happy Lee) #5

We tested the daily "Activity Summary’ option. Without the indexed list of topics at the top (as used in Mailing List Mode - Send daily updates), we find the format is not as informative/useful for our end-users.

Since Mailing List Mode - Send daily updates is going to be removed, is there a way to have an option to utilize that format for the “Activity Summary?” (see below)

If it helps, I got department approval to pay you $100 for the option. I realize it’s not much, but I really want to keep Discourse as our mailing list/campus communication platform and hope to work with the developer community to find options.

Interested parties - I might be able to get more $ for the work. If you are interested in this project - please respond here.

My director already wants us to start looking for another product, but I don’t think a forklift change is necessary. I know nothing about node.js programming but if the Mailing List Mode format cannot be preserved, could you provide instructions to tweak my Activity Summary format to use the Mailing List Mode format?

(Tobias Eigen) #6

Hi Tobin! You may want to take a look at some of the other discussions going on around this subject. You seem to have hacked discourse to try to blend two ways of doing things - the discourse way and the mailing list way… you’ll find you’re not alone in this if you search meta. I suggest you take a look.

I suggest you try to go all the way with discourse instead of the blend of old and new. That is, look at ways to set up default user notification settings for discourse that work for your community and then let users tweak their own preferences later according to how much they want to hear from you.

I thought @mpalmer covered the issue rather well (if rather colorfully…) yesterday:

That said, in my community I still send out a monthly “discussion highlights” mailer using mailchimp, to make sure that everyone in the community gets a chance to find out about important topics, even if they are ignoring their weekly email summary. I plan to get rid of that soon too at some stage, but a s a community we seem to still be hooked on it.

(Christoph) #7

I am also exploring this option here and would be curious to hear how this is working for you and if there are any pitfalls to avoid.

I do agree with Tobias though, that the aim with such a setup should probably be to gradually transition everyone to discourse and close down the mailinglist.

(Happy Lee) #8

@tobiaseigen and @tophee

Thank you for taking the time to read about my situation here. I agree that moving all the way to Discourse and close down the mailing list would be ideal. However, without having a distribution group address configured as a Discourse account, I have not found a way to “force” everyone to receive the daily Activity Summary. For campus executives and administrators (who send crucial news out to the community with Discourse), I need to find a way to make sure everyone gets that news. The higher ups need a way to make sure everyone is informed.

If it is possible to modify the email template that generates the “Activity Summary” (The current layout/format is not as informative/useful to us as with others) - I think I’m a little closer to moving away from the mailing list. Will let you people know how it goes.

(Christoph) #9

I’m not sure. My point would be that you make whatever staying on the mailinglist as unattractive as possible by sending only the most essential information to those people while making sure they understand how much easier life would be for them if they just switched over to the forum.

I think the activity summary as it is can fulfill precisely that function of pulling people over to discourse. Now, the problem is that you need to make sure certain infos do reach everyone, right? Well, wouldn’t it work if you put those vital posts into a special category and have your distribution list user watch that category?

(Tobias Eigen) #10

What he said.

You might also look at this topic re forcing people to watch categories.