Dashboard and Metrics

(Alexandra Bowen) #1

Any help would be appreciated.

How am I able to calculate the below metrics?

  • Unique Visitors (number of unique IP addresses), and Unique Visitors as a % of New Visits.
  • Is a User Visit a # Unique new visitor?
  • Unique New Visitors

Other questions

(Jeff Atwood) #2
  • Admin, Customize, Text Content

  • You should set up Google Analytics if you need very detailed metrics, plug your key in the appropriate area in Admin, Site Settings

  • Search Site Settings for tag options, just type the word “tag” to filter for all site settings that involve tags.


I can help you sort the analytics stuff out if you need more granular assistance. You know how to find me. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Also here are some pro tips on Analytics