Data Explorer "allow groups to access" not working

Previously I was unable to enter a group in the box but that was fixed and the topic was closed. Now I can enter a group but the group still can’t access the query.


I share the link with the mods like this:

The mods see:


You would not share that link, instead when they head to the group page they have they will see the query there.

Click through to the group using /g and have a look there, you should have a discreet link.

@markvanlan I think it is reasonable to add a “share” link or something in the admin section so you can share stuff easily with a group without needing to dig in to the group UX.


I totally agree. I’ll add this to my list for the week.


I am putting together a PR right now, but here is a preview of the functionality. It functions very similarly to sharing a post or topic.


The PR also addresses the issue of empty dates appearing as [locale.dates.medium.x_years] seen above in the screen recording.

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