Data explorer challenge: identifying TLC users and ratio of # active to total # members

(Tobias Eigen) #1

If you’re looking for a data explorer challenge :challengeaccepted: here’s a fun one that I think would be massively useful for many online communities to determine how lively the membership is and to identify which users need some TLC.

The idea is to generate a list of discourse users broken down into the following categories based on their last seen date relative to a date specified:

  1. Active this month
  2. Active in the last 90 days
  3. TLC: Active 90-180 days ago
  4. DORMANT: Not active in > 180 days

The report would list username and which of the four categories above they are in, and totals for each.

It’s the TLC users you’d focus most of your energy on.

The KPI that can be tracked over time to keep an eye on how active the community is would be the ratio of the number of members active this month to total number oof members.