Data Explorer editing broken on stable

I am running a self-hosted Discourse instance, v2.6.1 stable (98f775506d), with the discourse-data-explorer plugin v0.2. Everything is updated to the latest versions and I have done a ‘launcher rebuild app’.

Before the last Discourse update, the Data Explorer was working well, but now when a click ‘Edit’ on any query, the edit field does not appear, and the following error appears in the console:

(From _ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:74597):
Uncaught Error: Could not find module `discourse-common/lib/debounce` imported from `discourse/plugins/discourse-data-explorer/discourse/components/explorer-schema`

I found this discourse-data-explorer pull request that might be related?:

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix available, or could it be addressed in the next update?



The comment on the PR you linked to says that it fallbacks to Ember’s debounce for backward-compatibility. From the error message you are getting, it sounds like the initial call to import discourseDebounce from "discourse-common/lib/debounce" is returning an error. Possibly the fallback isn’t working as expected.


I have a similar problem with @goodeas, I installed v.2.6.2 stable, with the plugin Data Explorer latest updates as of today, but when a click ‘Edit’ on any query, the edit field does not appear
I add screenshots
before I click “edit”

after I click “edit”


The problem was fixed in this PR:

@OlehKuryshko could you please update the plugin and, after that, go to the admin/plugins page and make sure you have the 0.3 version installed?

If you proceed to see this bug with the 0.3 version, could you please share the error message from the javascript console?


I have updated the plugin, but unfortunately, the plugin was not updated. Our Discourse app is built on a stable version.
I tried to add a command to app.yaml

git clone -branch main

but still, a stable branch of the plugin is loaded into the container.
On the stable branch version is 0.2.
Version 0.2 is displayed in the web interface, as well as in the “plugin.rb” file located in the container.

Could you please merge the main branch with a stable branch?


wow … “stable” branch is 100s of commits behind main - 2018 vintage … we totally forgot about it.

I just went ahead and deleted the “stable” branch. Is everything working properly now?


@sam I just upgraded our Discourse (stable) instance to v2.6.3 (7b283b5f21). On the Upgrade page, discourse-data-explorer is still on 9d86b8b with status ‘Up to date’. On the Plugins page, it still says version 0.2. Is there something else we need to do to upgrade that to v0.3?


Can you try rebuilding from the console?


This is happening because a few weeks ago I made some changes to the plugin aren’t compatible with the stable branch, so I had to pin the plugin to an older commit for sites that are on version 2.7.0.beta3 or below (which includes the stable branch).

The problem here is that the fix that stable needs came a few days after I had pinned the plugin. So, to fix this we need a new commit that reverts my changes (which also unpins the plugin for sites that are on stable), and then I’ll add my changes back in another commit and re-pin the plugin to the previous commit.

Part 1 of the fix:

Part 2:


Thanks @Osama. The upgrade appeared. It’s now on v0.3 and I’m able to edit queries again.