Data is missing after restore


We restored data from 1.9.0 to 2.2.0 from backup and restore admin, we noticed some data is missing in users, there is nothing from present till 10 months ago.
Any idea?

When was the backup taken?

It is not old, it is from last week. we have 5 backup in our setting.

Could it be that you restored the wrong one?


What sort of data is missing? Can you give us some examples please?


we have backup every day from our production, and we restored one of them to staging.

Is it possible to restore data from old version to new version with dump database from production and upload dump to staging database?

The way that I have been doing this for staging sites is to have both using the same S3 bucket. You want to make sure that the staging site isn’t also making backups (and some other stuff, like not sending email).

sorry, I don’t understand “S3 bucket”?

Hi, please see attachement

I think that we all believed you that the data were missing. The best explanation remains that you’re restoring a backup that is ten months old. It’s difficult to imagine a “don’t restore some of the data” bug or that if such a bug existed you would be the only one to witness it.


Can be related we have external database and we have old version in production? we are planning to move to cloud and we need to move our data.

Yes. It’s probably that you’re backing up from and/or restoring to the wrong database.

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We noticed that the table “user_emails” is empty for some users and they don’t show up in query “Active users”.
Which action in discourse will add a record in this table?