Date numbers treated as list items

(ljpp) #1

I wrote:

2. of January, 2016

And its shows as:

  1. of January, 2016

Not a biggie for English locale, as you can use “2nd”, but in Finnish we dont have that and we write “2. Tammikuuta” (2. of January). How to work this around and instruct my users? Is this a bug - should there be a leading space for list item

(Dean Taylor) #2

The text looks like a “numbered list”, numbered lists are automatically corrected for out of sequence numbers.

To ensure you get the text you want just add a space in-front of the number.

(ljpp) #3
 2. of January
  1. of January

A leading space does not make any difference.`

(Stefano Costa) #4

In Markdown syntax, to avoid turning a leading number followed by . into a list, you put \ between the number and ., e.g. 2\. of January, 2016 . Below are two examples showing the difference.

56. this is a list 


  1. this is a list


56\. this isn't a list

56. this isn’t a list

You can follow the tutorial at CommonMark to understand better.

(Dean Taylor) #5

Sorry about that - it’s the usual way to prevent embedding / auto conversion - I should have checked.

In the case of bulled lists you need to “backslash-escape” the . (period)

1986\. What a great season.

(Sam Saffron) #6

This has been discussed many times, behaviour will change when we upgrade to our new markdown engine