Debian 8 jessie to debian 9 etch migration guidelines

I have discourse up and running, just upgraded to v2.2.0.beta8 +116
last version, it is a Proxmox VM with Debian 8 Jessie
I have to dismiss this Virtual Machine and to migrate into a new Debian 9 Proxmox VM.
I don’t event remember I got discourse installed, configured and running, I did 3 years ago.
Is there some documentation that can help me?
Any hint will be very apreciated

See discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Great doc, but it does lack migration from old debian Jessie installation.
After completed your guidelines, I have a new fresh discourse, still I need to have in place old one into the new one.
Best Regrds

That can be accomplished by
Visiting discourse admin on your old site and then taking a backup
downloading that backup and then uploading it to the new site.


Get a new VM running Debian 9 and then follow this guide