Dedicated layout space for the blue bar

(mott555) #1

Many times I load up a Discourse site, go to click on a topic, and the blue notification bar shows up and pushes the topic list down milliseconds before I click, causing me to mis-click and open the wrong topic. This happens often enough to be a serious frustration, I’d say 50%+ of the time upon loading the topic list.

I think either the blue notification bar should not be showing less than a couple seconds after loading the topic list, or it should have dedicated layout space and simply become visible/invisible without moving other elements around.

(Dave McClure) #2

Somewhat related:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I think this is a legit concern, particularly on very active Discourse instances. Have encountered it myself.

Do we really need to pop this alert for updated topics? Why not just show it when only truly new topics appear?

Alternately we could just shift the existing list around to reflect the new ordering, e.g. newly updated topics float to the top.

(Dave McClure) #4

I think at minimum tracked topics which receive updates should also be included.

But… what about just putting an indicator of in the upper right somewhere instead?

(cpradio) #5

If we do go with a new location for it, please leave the classes on it the same, as the key-binding will break if you alter the classes assigned to its div (the div isn’t important, just the classes).

(jaming) #6

Won’t this result in the same problem? I.e. I go to click on a topic and the list rearranges causing me to enter a topic I did not mean to.

I like the current behavior of only updating the list when I click the notification, but perhaps, the notification could be positioned in such a way that it does not cause the topic list to move?

(mott555) #7

This. Don’t update the list without an explicit user interaction, and find a way to prevent the notification bar from moving things of its own accord.

UI moving on its own is not okay. Sometimes trying to select a topic feels like those stupid 1990’s VB5 apps that popped up a fullscreen dialog and made the “Exit” button run from your mouse cursor.

(lid) #8

1.The notification can slide in and disappear after few seconds. notify the user of updated topics.
the benefit of this approach if executed properly is that the user is going to be able to respond to this notification
even if the window is scrolled down.

on the downside the current notification allow users that are not necessarily have the window in front of them to check how much have changed when they come back.

So even if the notification can be implemented with the floating concept suggested, the “static” bar will be necessary eventually for the other use case mentioned.

###Alternative solution 2
Another possible way to solve this is to try to correct the windows scrolling position when the bar turn visible.
I am not sure how well this going to play out. as it might not provide a deterministic solution.

###Alternative solution 3
make the bar visible immediately after a scroll event to the top of the page.
there is already a check for that in the docked header implementation.

(Zane Beckman) #9

What about this unused space here:

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Sounds like the consensus is that this should be an overlay, a dismissible overlay a lot like the banner topic.

(lid) #11

This space is probably not suitable in all scenarios as it get real small with a smaller window width.

(Sam Saffron) #12

I think there is definite, “order of operations” thing going on here.

I dont want to even be talking about any of this before,


I’ve never noticed that until I tried making it happen by shrinking my browser window to extreme smallness. But the UI yanks the rug out from under me all the bloody time. Do you have a topic for the create topic jumping around where we can vote it up / make noise / whatever so we can be more successful in clicking on what we’re trying to click? :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #14

This happens to me in GMail too - I attempt to click on an email title, a new one arrives, and I am clicking on the wrong, pushed down email all of a sudden…


Yeah, the newly arriving stuff does that, too, but this particular topic is dedicated to the notification bar janking up our experience.

(jaming) #16

Any update on this? I run into this issue daily.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

@zogstrip is looking at this now. I would like the blue notification bar to float over the column headers, roughly.

Not sure if this can make 1.1 though. We will see!

(Régis Hanol) #18

This is now in :crocodile:

(Jeff Atwood) #19

:fr:   :poodle: :dash:

(mott555) #20

Looks good!