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(Tessa) #1

Hi there Discourse community,

I work for a charity and we have just launched our community. I will have to report on the success of it to our senior management board soon so I was hoping anybody could explain the meaning of the stats in the admin dashboard to me.

Im a community manager not a developer and fairly new to Discourse so I’m not a 100% how to interpret the stats provided by Discourse - I can’t find a definition of each anywhere. I’m particularly interested in the list below:
User Visits
New Users
Time to first respond

So for instance what counts as a post - is this replies to topics or does it also include the initial topic? Is an user visit similar to a session in Google analytics? Is there a way to see total (page) views? What does time to first respond mean? Is there a way to see the amount of active members (have either posted or started a topic) in relation to total amount of members?

Any tips are very welcome!

Thank you!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Good question. I’ll make an official FAQ item on this after @team has helped me fact-check this:

  • User Visits
    Number of different people (unique IPs) that visited your forum.

  • New Users
    Number of newly registered users.

  • Topics
    New topics posted

  • Posts
    New posts (i.e. replies) posted. // are new topics, which are technically also posts, included in the Posts count?

  • Time to first respond
    Average number of hours until a topic receives its first reply.

  • Topics with no response will not count towards that average.

(Mittineague) #4

If the first reply is the OP does that count as a response?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

Good question, I don’t know!

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6