Delay after editing a post due to Cloudflare


We will give a try to CF with Discourse for one month and see the outcome!

(ljpp) #38

It seems like @fearlessfrog is on to something here. The issue seems to disappear (or becomes very hard to repro) if you disable the CF’s Brotli switch. Turn Brotli back on and the issue comes right back too.

Nice finding. CF users and customers: Disable Brotli


Just to give an update. @fearlessfrog sent me some details and I was able to include that example with the report. It’s been filed and I will provide updates as soon as I know more.


Apologies for the delays. Assume many of you heard the news from Sunday about (things have been a little crazy over here).

Can anyone confirm if things were working with Brotli enabled before and now are having problems? Or has it always been an issue with Brotli?


@fearlessfrog or @ljpp -

has this always been a problem with brotli enabled? or was it enabled and working before?

(fearlessfrog) #42

It was enabled and working before. In fact I think the option was always on by default in CF, so we didn’t turn it on explicitly.

(ljpp) #43

Yep, same here - just as @fearlessfrog responded.


@sam, @codinghorror, @Falco,

Any chance we could get some type of test environment in place that would allow our engineers to better track an example in real-time? They are currently investigating but having some trouble.

(Régis Hanol) #45

Feel free to start a new trial or if you need more control over the container configuration, I can launch a Discourse on a Digital Ocean droplet and give you SSH access.


Are the impacted people spread across different plan levels, or does it not matter?

(Sam Saffron) #47

Vast majority of impacted users are users we do not host, this is generally an issue for self hosters

(Jeff Atwood) #48

In that case @ryank will need someone to set up a Discourse instance on Digital Ocean, or work closely with someone in this topic who has?

Appreciate your effort on this Ryan.


If no outside users have an example instance to look at is the Digital Ocean option still possible?

(Stephen) #50

I can give you an instance to test against in an hour or so, yep.

(Geran Smith) #51

I’m going to be migrating from another platform to Discourse Soon™. If no one is able to help by then, I’ll be happy to provide any info you need. I’ve got a smaller user base, so they can generally handle a delay in edits.


Update - It appears my engineers have found the likely cause, so now it’s a question of determining a solution/priority. Stay tuned.

Recurring 403 Forbidden error on posts with multiple images

Further update - Our engieers identified the cultprit, but it will require changes by the Discourse team. I’ll forward that info directly, but in the meantime any users experiencing this issue are advised to disable Brotli in their Cloudflare account.

(Stephen) #54

Shall we keep the test instance up for you until this is resolved, or are you done with it now?

(ljpp) #55

Has this issue made a comeback? About a month ago I re-enabled CloudFlare, with Brotli disabled. Since then I have not touched anything in the back-end or CF’s settings.

Today I noticed a delay when editing a post.

Edit: May not be the same issue. Only seems to happen on iOS, but not on Android Chrome? Better test coverage needed.

Edit 2: And the issue disappeared overnight. Mysterious glitch. Lets forget about it, for now.

(Stephen) #56

As I’ve not heard anything back from @ryank the test instance has been destroyed. We can spin up another easily enough if they need to take another look.

Was this ever acknowledged/resolved @sam?